About The Summit

Why Credentials? Why Now?

In analogue-form, academic credentials share limited information about what graduates know and are able to do. Some college and universities are using technology to convert transcripts, degrees and certificates into machine-readable data, creating unprecedented opportunities to convey the value and meaning of educational experiences. Credentials – including certificates, licenses, college degrees, industry-based certifications, even apprenticeships – are all fragmented in their labor market value.

We know that post-secondary credentials are increasing the gateway to good jobs and career advancement. Employers are asking for better insight into the discrete competencies and skills that make up today’s academic credentials. Around the country, colleges and universities are beginning to reimagine how we convey the experiences and learnings that make up the degree. By taking a new approach to academic credentials, students are able to better map those to new educational and job opportunities.

The goal of the Parchment Summit is to spotlight and uncover new ways to empower both learners and employers.