To further the ongoing conversations on academic credential innovation, Parchment has launched its “After the Summit” series, including issue briefs and webinars, further extending the depth of many discussions that began at the 2016 Parchment Summit on Innovating Academic Credentials. If you missed the Summit, the keynotes, panels and workshop discussions are available for you on demand.

Next up in the “After the Summit” series is Dr. Anthony Carnevale, Director, Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce. A featured speaker at the Parchment Summit, Dr. Carnevale this week authored an issue brief, “Credentials and Competencies: Demonstrating the Economic Value of Postsecondary Education”, focusing on the economic value of college education and its economic emphasis to the broader mission of postsecondary education.

Dr. Carnevale will lead a webinar on Tuesday, June 28 at 1 p.m. EST to offer additional insight into his research on the value of postsecondary credentials. Register today.

In May, Dr. Arthur Levine, the sixth president of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, authored “The Coming Transformation of the Credit and Degree System in American Higher Education: An Historical Perspective” detailing how the history of education can reveal its future. To provide even more context to this discussion, Dr. Levine presented a webinar on May 24. Levine was also a featured speaker at the inaugural Summit.

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