2016 Parchment Summit Discussions


History of Higher Ed Innovation

with Dr. Arthur Levine

The Credential Still Matters

with Dr. Anthony Carnevale


History of Innovation in American Higher Education

with Dr. Arthur Levine

Credentials and Competencies:

Demonstrating the Economic Value of Postsecondary Education

with Dr. Anthony Carnevale

Making Credentials Portable

with Joellen Shendy & Mark Leuba

Credentials in a Digital Era

with Cindy Lyons & Kimberly Elias

Quality Dimensions for Connected Credentials

with Deborah Everhart & Marie Cini


Credentials As Labor Market Signals

with Carol Geary Schneider, Deborah Everhart & Deb Seymour

Innovations in the Transcript

with Johnathan Finkelstein, Diane Singer, Tom Green, Dr. Rodney Parks & Amelia Parnell

Panel Discussions

The New Language of Credentials

with Holly Zanville,

Dr. Matthew Pittinsky,

Jake Schwartz & Ryan Craig

Changing Paradigm of Higher Ed’s Role in Career Formation

with Scott Fast, Kim Admire,

Dr. Rodney Parks & Pulin Sanghvi

The Credential Ecosystem

with Alan Houston, Scott BiermanLarry Good &

Matt Sigelman

Ensuring Interoperability and Usability

with Mark Leuba, Bob Sheets,

Diana OblingerJoellen Shendy